POHL SCHMITT Electric Can Opener Review

POHL SCHMITT Electric Can Opener, Knife Sharpener and Bottle Opener Review. When it comes to kitchen appliances, it’s all about efficiency, utility, and ease of use. POHL SCHMITT’s Electric Can Opener takes these features to the next level, not only performing its basic function of opening cans but also incorporating additional tools such as a knife sharpener and bottle opener. It’s the ideal solution for those who love keeping their kitchen organized and clutter-free.

POHL SCHMITT Electric Can Opener Review

Design and Quality

The design of this multifunctional appliance is both aesthetically pleasing and practical. It sports a sleek black and stainless-steel color combination that fits into almost any kitchen decor. What’s more, the footprint is sturdy, and the easy push down lever makes for a secure and easy operation.

POHL SCHMITT prides itself on providing the best quality products that are designed to last, and this can opener certainly upholds that promise. Its heavy-duty motor ensures it can handle any type of can with ease.

Key Features and Functionality

This POHL SCHMITT appliance is more than just an electric can opener. The built-in knife sharpener is a thoughtful addition, perfect for those quick sharpening tasks that pop up in the middle of meal prep. And we can’t forget about the handy bottle opener – no more rummaging through drawers to find that elusive tool!

One of the most prominent safety features is the built-in magnet that catches the lid once it’s cut, enabling hands-free and safe disposal. There’s also a detachable cutting lever which can be easily rinsed off as needed. The fact that it handles both pop-top and regular cans is a huge plus, eliminating the need to juggle between different openers.

Comparison with Similar Products

When compared to similar products on the market, the POHL SCHMITT Electric Can Opener stands out for its 3-in-1 functionality and user-friendly features. It simplifies the entire can opening process, from starting the cut to disposing of the lid, something that not all can openers can offer. The inclusion of the knife sharpener and bottle opener adds further value and convenience, truly setting it apart.

Pros and Cons


  • Versatile 3-in-1 functionality
  • Built-in safety features
  • Easy to clean with a detachable cutting lever
  • Sturdy and durable design


  • The magnet feature might take a little getting used to, as some users have found it tricky to align the can at first.

User Experiences and Testimonials

Most users agree that this is a kitchen must-have. Customers rave about the ease of use, its quiet operation, and its efficiency in opening cans in seconds. People have also praised its appearance, stating that it adds a sleek touch to their kitchen counters.

However, as with any product, there have been a few minor drawbacks reported. Some users found the magnet feature to be a little fiddly and felt it was unnecessary, while a small number of users mentioned issues with the handle after prolonged use.

Efficiency and Speed

One of the key aspects where the POHL SCHMITT Electric Can Opener shines is its efficiency and speed. The high-quality, heavy-duty motor enables the device to cut through any can lid with minimal effort and in no time at all. This kind of efficiency is a game-changer, especially for those busy cooking days when every second counts. Furthermore, it eliminates the struggles and hand strain that come with manual can openers, making it a great tool for those with hand mobility issues.

Additional Functionality: Knife Sharpener

In addition to opening cans, this device features a built-in knife sharpener. This is an incredibly convenient feature that can save you time and hassle. Instead of having a separate device taking up space, or worse, dealing with dull knives, you have a quick and easy way to keep your knives sharp right at your fingertips. This feature adds to the overall utility of the POHL SCHMITT Can Opener, making it a versatile kitchen tool.

Additional Functionality: Bottle Opener

Another bonus feature of this can opener is the built-in bottle opener. This might seem like a small addition, but it’s one of those things that you don’t realize how useful it is until you need it. No more searching through kitchen drawers for a separate bottle opener when you want to crack open a cold one. It’s all in one place, contributing to a clutter-free and organized kitchen.

Safety Features

Safety is paramount in the kitchen, and the designers at POHL SCHMITT have taken this into consideration. The can opener features a built-in magnet that holds onto the lid after cutting, allowing for safe and hands-free disposal. It’s a simple feature, but one that goes a long way in preventing potential injuries from sharp can lids.

Compact Design and Cord Storage

Despite its multiple functionalities, the POHL SCHMITT Can Opener sports a compact design that doesn’t take up much counter space. Moreover, it comes with hidden built-in cord storage, keeping your countertops and cabinets clutter-free. The compact and clutter-free design is particularly beneficial for those with smaller kitchens or those who like to maintain a clean and tidy workspace.

Aesthetics and Appearance

While functionality is crucial, the aesthetics of a kitchen appliance can’t be overlooked. The sleek black and stainless-steel design of this can opener ensures it will look good in any kitchen. The modern and clean design is something customers have noted and appreciated, adding a stylish touch to their kitchen counter.

Product Durability

When it comes to kitchen appliances, durability is a key concern. The last thing you want is a product that breaks down after a few uses. The POHL SCHMITT Electric Can Opener, with its heavy-duty motor and stable footprint, is built to last. User testimonials have praised its durability, with some mentioning that it still works perfectly after several years of use.

Versatility in Can Types

This can opener is versatile in handling different types of cans, from pop-top to regular cans. This eliminates the need for multiple openers or the struggle with sharp, messy pop-top lids. It’s a small detail, but one that makes a significant difference in convenience and ease of use.

Ease of Cleaning

Cleaning kitchen appliances can often be a hassle, but not with this can opener. It comes with a detachable cutting lever, which you can easily rinse off as needed. This easy-to-clean feature is a huge plus, saving users time and effort and ensuring the device remains hygienic and safe to use.

Customer Service

POHL SCHMITT’s commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in their professional customer support. If you encounter any issues or need help with your can opener, their team is ready to assist. The company’s reputation for excellent customer service adds an extra layer of assurance for users, knowing they’ll be taken care of if any problems arise.

Tips and Tricks for Using the POHL SCHMITT Electric Can Opener

Using your new POHL SCHMITT Electric Can Opener should be a breeze, but here are some handy tips and tricks to get the most out of your device:

  1. Aligning the Can: When using the can opener, ensure that the can is properly aligned under the cutting mechanism. This might take a bit of practice initially, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes straightforward.
  2. Using the Built-In Magnet: The built-in magnet is designed to hold onto the cut lid for safe and hands-free disposal. However, be mindful to keep your fingers clear when detaching the lid from the magnet to avoid accidental cuts.
  3. Cleaning the Cutting Lever: To ensure the longevity of your can opener, make it a routine to clean the detachable cutting lever after each use. This prevents any food residue from building up and potentially hindering the device’s performance.
  4. Using the Knife Sharpener: When using the built-in knife sharpener, ensure the knife is clean and dry. Move the knife in a single direction to maintain a uniform edge and repeat until your knife is as sharp as needed.
  5. Storing the Can Opener: After use, use the built-in cord storage to keep your countertop clutter-free. The cord neatly tucks away inside the device, providing a clean, organized look.
  6. Using the Bottle Opener: The bottle opener is a handy feature that’s easy to overlook. Remember it’s there next time you need to open a bottle – it saves you the time of looking for a separate tool.

Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for Your POHL SCHMITT Electric Can Opener

Keeping your POHL SCHMITT Electric Can Opener clean and well-maintained not only prolongs its life but also ensures it operates at peak performance. Here are some practical tips for cleaning and maintaining your device:

  1. Regular Cleaning: After each use, it’s advisable to clean the device to prevent any food residue or particles from building up. Use a damp cloth to wipe the exterior of the can opener, keeping it looking sleek and new.
  2. Cleaning the Detachable Cutting Lever: The cutting lever of this can opener is detachable, making it easy to clean. After detaching, you can rinse it under running water and use a mild dish soap if necessary. Once cleaned, make sure to dry it thoroughly before reattaching to prevent rusting.
  3. Handle with Care: While the device is built for durability, treat it with care to prolong its life. Avoid dropping it or handling it roughly, especially when cleaning or storing it.
  4. Regular Inspection: Take some time to inspect your can opener regularly, especially the cutting mechanism. If you notice any signs of rusting or wear, reach out to POHL SCHMITT customer service for advice or potential replacement parts.
  5. Avoid Immersion: Never immerse the main unit of the can opener in water or other liquids as this can damage the electrical components. Stick to wiping it down with a damp cloth for cleaning.
  6. Regular Sharpening: For the built-in knife sharpener, regular use will keep it functioning well. However, if you notice that your knives aren’t getting as sharp as they should be, it might be time to consider a professional sharpening service.

Frequently Asked Questions about the POHL SCHMITT Electric Can Opener

Can the POHL SCHMITT Electric Can Opener open all sizes of cans?
Yes, this can opener can open a variety of can sizes, from small tuna cans to larger soup cans. It’s a versatile tool designed to handle both pop-top and regular cans.

How do I clean the cutting lever?
The cutting lever of this can opener is detachable for easy cleaning. Simply detach it, rinse under running water, and dry thoroughly before reattaching.

Is the knife sharpener safe to use?
Yes, the built-in knife sharpener is safe to use. However, like with all sharp objects, use caution and keep out of reach of children.

How does the built-in magnet work?
The built-in magnet in the can opener helps to hold the cut lid, allowing for safe and hands-free disposal. Once the can is open, carefully detach the lid from the magnet to avoid accidental cuts.

What kind of maintenance does the can opener need?
Regular cleaning of the cutting lever and wiping down the exterior of the device is generally enough to keep it in good working order. Also, regular inspection of the cutting mechanism for signs of wear or rust can help prolong its lifespan.

What do I do if my can opener stops working?
If your can opener stops working, contact POHL SCHMITT customer service. They have a dedicated team ready to assist with any issues and can guide you on the next steps, whether that involves troubleshooting, repairs, or replacement.

How do I use the bottle opener feature?
The bottle opener is integrated into the design of the can opener. To use it, simply place the cap of the bottle into the slot and lever it open. Remember to clean the bottle opener feature regularly to maintain hygiene.

Is the can opener noisy during operation?
No, the POHL SCHMITT Electric Can Opener is designed to operate quietly, making it a non-disruptive addition to your kitchen.

Pohl & Schmitt: A Brand Committed to Quality and Innovation

Pohl & Schmitt is a brand that has made a significant mark in the world of home and kitchen appliances. Their innovative approach towards creating everyday products is rooted in a commitment to deliver high quality, functional, and well-designed items that improve the quality of life for their customers.

Founded on the principles of creating appliances that merge form and function seamlessly, Pohl & Schmitt has proven that practical appliances can also add a touch of sophistication and elegance to your home. They pride themselves on producing products that not only serve a practical purpose but also last long, and this ethos is evident in the design and construction of their products.

The brand has a diverse product range, from air fryers and humidifiers to this Electric Can Opener. Every product is designed to be easy to use, efficient, and reliable, offering users peace of mind and a touch of luxury. The team at Pohl & Schmitt has a relentless focus on details, ensuring every aspect of their products – from aesthetics to durability – is top-notch.

With Pohl & Schmitt, you can expect appliances that are beautifully crafted, perform excellently, and are designed to make your life easier and more enjoyable. Their dedication to customer service further enhances their reputation as a reliable brand, providing prompt and helpful responses to queries and issues.

In conclusion, Pohl & Schmitt stands as a brand that resonates with quality, innovation, and exceptional service, making it a trusted name in the market for home and kitchen appliances.

Final Thoughts on the POHL SCHMITT Electric Can Opener

After a comprehensive look at the POHL SCHMITT Electric Can Opener, it’s clear that this tool is a versatile and practical addition to any kitchen. Its sleek, black design not only adds a touch of sophistication to your countertop but also offers a compact solution to multiple kitchen needs with its built-in knife sharpener and bottle opener.

The device is constructed with a heavy-duty motor that ensures durability and longevity, making it a worthwhile investment for your home. Its functionality extends beyond simply opening cans, to include sharpening knives and opening bottles, all within the same compact unit.

The unique safety feature of the built-in magnet that holds the cut lid provides a hands-free and safe way to dispose of can lids. And the detachable cutting lever makes cleaning a breeze, contributing to the overall hygiene of your kitchen.

It’s also reassuring to know that POHL SCHMITT has excellent customer service, ready to assist if any issues arise.

However, no product is without its drawbacks. Some users have noted that aligning the can with the cutting mechanism can be tricky initially, and there are occasional complaints about the magnet being too strong or difficult to maneuver. But these are minor issues that can be overcome with a little practice and patience.

In conclusion, the POHL SCHMITT Electric Can Opener is a great investment for those who value functionality, safety, and convenience in their kitchen tools. Whether you’re a seasoned cook or a beginner in the kitchen, this tool is designed to make your life easier and your kitchen tasks more enjoyable.