Dash Cold Brew Coffee Makers On Sale Review

Dash Cold Brew Coffee Makers On Sale Review. Hello, fellow caffeine enthusiasts! Today, I’m excited to review the DASH Rapid Cold Brew Maker with VacuPress™ Technology. This innovative cold brew maker transforms your favorite ground coffee or loose-leaf tea into a refreshing cold brew in under 9 minutes. No more waiting overnight for your cold brew fix. With three settings to choose from (mild, regular, and bold), it ensures a cold brew experience tailored to your taste buds. Let’s dive in and see what makes this coffee gadget a must-have.

Dash Cold Brew Coffee Makers On Sale Review

Design and Quality

Straight out of the box, the DASH Rapid Cold Brew Maker impresses with its sleek, black design. It’s conveniently compact, measuring 8″ in diameter, 7.5″ in width, and 16″ in height. This makes it perfect for any kitchen size, from a dorm room to a large family kitchen.

The maker features a reusable filter, saving you the constant hassle and expense of buying paper filters. Cleaning is also a breeze, thanks to its easy-to-remove components.

The glass carafe included in the package adds a touch of elegance and allows you to see your cold brew in the making. It has a capacity of 40 ounces, providing ample cold brew for your morning or afternoon pick-me-up.

Key Features and Functionality

The DASH Rapid Cold Brew Maker’s key selling point is undoubtedly its speed. With the help of the proprietary VacuPress™ Technology, it can produce cold brew coffee or iced tea in under 9 minutes – that’s incredibly fast compared to traditional methods that can take over 12 hours.

It doesn’t stop at speed, though. The DASH Cold Brew Maker allows you to choose between three strength settings – mild, regular, or bold. This gives you complete control over the flavor profile of your cold brew.

Comparisons and Competitive Advantage

While other cold brew makers on the market can do a decent job, they typically require a lengthy steeping process. The DASH Rapid Cold Brew Maker, on the other hand, revolutionizes the process with its quick brewing time without compromising the taste. It stands out with its VacuPress™ Technology, which extracts maximum flavor in a fraction of the usual time.

User Experiences and Testimonials

Genuine user reviews are an essential aspect of any product review, providing valuable insights from real-world use cases. Here are some highlights from the top reviews:

  • Amazing Concept – A Few Brew Tips” (4/5 stars): The user, Jordanriver, praised the machine for delivering delicious cold brew in under 20 minutes and offered some brewing tips for optimal taste.
  • “Crazy fast” (5/5 stars): Sam, a self-proclaimed coffee snob, was skeptical about the speed but was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the brew and ease of use.
  • “Way better than I thought. Worth the money!” (5/5 stars): Shilgar found the DASH Cold Brew Maker superior to their previous Instant Pot, producing clearer, stronger, and tastier cold brew in less time.
  • “Obsessed!” (5/5 stars): This user was thrilled with the time saved and the quality of the brew, comparing it favorably to coffee shop cold brew.

Ease of Use

One of the most striking features of the DASH Rapid Cold Brew Maker is its ease of use. Once you have your coffee grounds or loose leaf tea ready, all you need to do is to put them into the brew maker and choose your preferred settings. The machine does the rest, cold brewing your coffee or tea in under nine minutes. What’s more, the indicator lights will guide you through the brewing process, so you don’t have to worry about timing it just right. There’s even an automatic shut-off feature, so you can leave the brew maker to work while you get on with your day. This truly is a set-it-and-forget-it piece of kit.


With the DASH Rapid Cold Brew Maker, you’re not just limited to making cold brew coffee. The machine is equally adept at making iced tea, giving you plenty of options for creating refreshing beverages at home. This versatility extends to the strength of the brew too, with three settings – mild, regular, and bold – you can adjust the brew to your preference.


The DASH Rapid Cold Brew Maker comes with a reusable filter, making it a more sustainable choice than other machines that require disposable paper filters. This also contributes to the machine’s ease of use, as there’s no need to keep buying and changing paper filters. Plus, the clean-up process is quick and easy, as you can simply rinse the reusable filter under the tap or put it in the dishwasher.

Quality and Durability

Crafted with top-notch materials, the DASH Rapid Cold Brew Maker is designed to last. The glass carafe is robust and sturdy, and it can hold up to 40 ounces of liquid, enough for several servings of cold brew coffee or iced tea. The brew maker itself also has a sleek black design that is not only visually appealing but also functional and durable.


Traditional cold brewing methods can take up to 24 hours, which requires a lot of forward planning. But with the DASH Rapid Cold Brew Maker, you can have a freshly brewed pot of cold brew coffee or iced tea in under nine minutes. This is a game-changer for busy individuals who love their cold brew but don’t always have the time to make it the traditional way.

Economic Benefits

Investing in a DASH Rapid Cold Brew Maker can also help you save money in the long run. With this machine, you can skip the coffee shop visits and make your own delicious cold brew at home. Considering the price of a cup of cold brew at most cafes, the machine can quickly pay for itself.

Compact and Space-Saving Design

The DASH Rapid Cold Brew Maker has a compact and space-saving design. Measuring just 8 inches in diameter and 16 inches high, this machine can easily fit into any kitchen counter without taking up too much space. It’s an excellent choice for those with limited kitchen space.

Special Features

The brew maker comes with a few special features that help it stand out from the crowd. For one, there’s the VacuPress technology, which uses a vacuum to speed up the brewing process without sacrificing the quality of the brew. There’s also a handy timer that ensures your brew is always perfectly timed.


It’s hard to ignore the sleek, modern design of the DASH Rapid Cold Brew Maker. Its black color is both sophisticated and versatile, matching well with any kitchen decor. The clear glass carafe allows you to see your brew as it’s being made, adding a fun visual element to the brewing process.

Value for Money

Considering all the features and benefits, the DASH Rapid Cold Brew Maker offers excellent value for money. Not only can it produce high-quality cold brew in a fraction of the time it takes traditional methods, but it’s also easy to use, versatile, and sustainably designed. And when you consider the savings you’ll make by not having to buy cold brew coffee or iced tea from a café, it’s clear that this machine is a smart investment.

Pros and Cons

Like any product, the DASH Rapid Cold Brew Maker has its strengths and weaknesses. Here is a comprehensive look at its pros and cons:


  1. Ease of Use: The machine is user-friendly with clear, easy-to-follow instructions and indicator lights guiding the brewing process.
  2. Versatility: In addition to making cold brew coffee, the machine can also make iced tea, and offers three strength settings for customized brewing.
  3. Sustainability: It features a reusable filter, reducing waste and making it a more environmentally friendly choice than machines that require disposable filters.
  4. Durability: The DASH Rapid Cold Brew Maker is made of high-quality materials, ensuring its durability and longevity.
  5. Time Efficiency: It significantly reduces the traditional cold brewing time, brewing coffee or tea in under nine minutes.
  6. Compact Design: The machine’s size is ideal for any kitchen counter, especially in homes where space is at a premium.
  7. Value for Money: Given its features and performance, it offers excellent value for money, potentially saving users significant costs over time.


  1. Price: The DASH Rapid Cold Brew Maker can be somewhat expensive upfront, which might deter some potential users. However, it should be noted that it pays for itself over time through savings on coffee shop purchases.
  2. Brew Capacity: While its 40-ounce capacity is adequate for personal use or small households, it may not be sufficient for larger gatherings or families. Users needing larger quantities may need to brew multiple batches.
  3. Lack of Additional Features: While it has several useful features, it lacks some of the more advanced features found on other high-end coffee makers, such as programmable settings or different brew methods.
  4. Dependency on Electricity: As it is an electric appliance, it can’t be used during power outages or in places without an electrical outlet, unlike manual cold brew makers.
  5. Cleaning: Despite having a reusable filter, some users may find the cleaning process a bit more laborious compared to machines with disposable filters.

Tips and Tricks

To get the best results from the DASH Rapid Cold Brew Maker, here are some handy tips and tricks:

  1. Experiment with Coffee Grounds: The type of coffee grounds you use can greatly influence the taste of your cold brew. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different types of coffee, whether they’re light, medium, or dark roast. Each will bring a unique flavor to your cold brew.
  2. Grind Size Matters: For optimal flavor extraction, aim for a coarse grind. A grind that’s too fine might result in a bitter taste, while one that’s too coarse may lead to a weak brew.
  3. Maintain the Right Coffee-to-Water Ratio: While the DASH Rapid Cold Brew Maker has preset settings, you can customize your brew by adjusting the amount of coffee and water. For a stronger brew, use more coffee; for a milder brew, use less coffee.
  4. Temperature of the Water: While it’s a cold brew maker, the temperature of the water you use can affect the extraction process. Try using room-temperature water for a smooth, rich flavor profile.
  5. Use Freshly Roasted Coffee: Freshly roasted coffee tends to give a better flavor. Try to buy your coffee beans from a local roaster or roast your own at home if possible.
  6. Clean Regularly: To maintain the best flavor, clean your machine regularly. Coffee oils can build up and alter the taste of your brew over time. It’s recommended to clean the machine after each use.
  7. Try Brewing Tea: Don’t limit yourself to just coffee. The DASH Rapid Cold Brew Maker is also great for brewing iced tea. Experiment with different types of tea for a refreshing change.
  8. Dilute if Necessary: The DASH Rapid Cold Brew Maker can produce quite a concentrated brew, especially on the bold setting. Feel free to dilute it with water, milk, or any other preferred liquid to suit your taste.
  9. Preparation for the Next Brew: If you plan to brew another batch right away, rinse the coffee grounds from the filter and fill it up again while the machine is still warm. This helps speed up the brewing process.
  10. Storage of Cold Brew: Your cold brew can be stored in the fridge for up to two weeks without losing its flavor. Always use a clean, airtight container for storage to keep your brew fresh.

Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

To ensure the DASH Rapid Cold Brew Maker continues to produce excellent cold brew coffee and iced tea, follow these cleaning and maintenance tips:

  1. Cleaning After Every Use: After each brewing cycle, clean your machine. Discard the used coffee grounds or tea leaves and rinse the reusable filter under running water. You can use a soft brush if necessary.
  2. Deep Cleaning the Carafe: For deep cleaning the glass carafe, use a mild dish soap and warm water. Make sure to rinse it thoroughly to avoid any soap residue.
  3. Cleaning the Filter and Hopper: The reusable filter and hopper should be cleaned regularly. Rinse them under warm water and use a soft brush to remove any remaining coffee or tea particles.
  4. Avoid Harsh Cleaning Agents: To prolong the life of your machine, avoid using harsh or abrasive cleaning agents. Stick with mild dish soap and water for regular cleaning.
  5. Wipe Down the Machine: Use a damp cloth to wipe down the exterior of the machine. Make sure it’s unplugged and cool before you do this.
  6. Descaling: Although it’s a cold brew maker, it’s still a good idea to descale your machine periodically, especially if you live in a hard water area. You can use a vinegar-water solution for this.
  7. Regular Checks: Perform regular checks on the reusable filter and hopper. If they’re worn out or damaged, replace them to maintain the quality of your brew.
  8. Dry Before Storing: Make sure all components are completely dry before storing to prevent mold or bacteria growth.
  9. Store in a Cool, Dry Place: Store your DASH Rapid Cold Brew Maker in a cool, dry place. Avoid areas with high humidity or temperature extremes.
  10. Consult the User Manual: When in doubt, consult the user manual that came with your machine. It provides detailed cleaning and maintenance instructions specific to your model.

Recommendation for a Specific Audience

The DASH Rapid Cold Brew Maker is ideal for a wide range of people, but it shines particularly for the following audiences:

  1. Cold Brew Enthusiasts: If you can’t get enough of the rich, smooth taste of cold brew coffee, this machine is perfect. It uses unique VacuPress™ technology to brew cold coffee in under 9 minutes, saving you the usual waiting time of 12 to 24 hours.
  2. Tea Lovers: Besides coffee, this device can also brew loose-leaf iced tea quickly and efficiently. Tea enthusiasts will appreciate the versatility and convenience of this machine.
  3. Busy Individuals: The fast brewing cycle is perfect for people with tight schedules. No more worrying about forgetting to prep your cold brew the night before – you can have it ready in minutes with the DASH Rapid Cold Brew Maker.
  4. Savings Conscious Consumers: If you’re trying to cut down on spending at your local coffee shop, this machine is a great investment. It allows you to make barista-quality cold brew at home and can pay for itself over time with the savings.
  5. Eco-Friendly Users: The machine comes with a reusable filter, making it a great choice for environmentally conscious individuals who wish to reduce waste from disposable filters.
  6. Kitchen Gadget Collectors: If you love having the latest and greatest kitchen gadgets, this Cold Brew Maker will be a welcome addition. It’s sleek, compact design will look great on your countertop.
  7. Novice Home Baristas: For those new to brewing their own coffee or tea at home, this machine is incredibly user-friendly with its simple controls and automatic shut-off feature.
  8. Coffee Experimenters: If you enjoy experimenting with different coffee grinds, water temperatures, and brew strengths, the DASH Rapid Cold Brew Maker’s three brewing settings allow you to tailor your brew to your exact taste preferences.

Remember, a delicious, refreshing cold brew or iced tea is just a few minutes away with the DASH Rapid Cold Brew Maker with VacuPress™ Technology. It’s a fantastic addition to any kitchen and sure to please a broad range of consumers.

About the DASH Brand

DASH is a New York-based company that designs and manufactures kitchen appliances with a strong focus on simplicity and usability. Their motto, “Unprocess Your Food”, embodies their commitment to encouraging healthier eating through the use of natural, unprocessed ingredients. With a line-up that includes everything from air fryers to toaster ovens, blenders, and more, DASH aims to empower individuals to make wholesome, homemade meals, regardless of how hectic their schedules may be.

Since its inception, DASH has made a significant impact in the kitchen appliance industry with their innovative, user-friendly designs. Their products are recognized not only for their quality and durability, but also for their aesthetically pleasing appearances. DASH appliances are designed to look as good as they perform, with a modern and sleek style that suits any kitchen decor.

The DASH Rapid Cold Brew Maker with VacuPress™ Technology is no exception to this rule. Like all other DASH products, it has been designed with the end-user in mind. It offers convenience, efficiency, and quality all in one package, allowing you to enjoy freshly brewed cold coffee or iced tea in under 9 minutes.

Another core aspect of the DASH brand is their commitment to sustainability. This is clearly visible in their decision to incorporate a reusable filter in their cold brew maker, eliminating the need for disposable paper filters. It’s a small yet significant detail that aligns perfectly with their philosophy of providing innovative and sustainable kitchen solutions.

The DASH brand has built its reputation on creating high-quality, reliable, and aesthetically pleasing kitchen appliances that help make healthy living easy and accessible. Their focus on customer satisfaction and commitment to innovation ensures that their products, including the Rapid Cold Brew Maker, stand out in the marketplace. Whether you’re a cooking enthusiast or a beginner, DASH has something to make your culinary journey easier and more enjoyable.

Sustainability Aspect of the DASH Rapid Cold Brew Maker

Embracing sustainability is a key feature of the DASH Rapid Cold Brew Maker, demonstrated by the inclusion of a reusable filter. This eliminates the need for disposable paper filters, reducing waste and contributing to a greener planet. Furthermore, brewing your coffee or tea at home reduces reliance on store-bought options often packaged in single-use plastics. By choosing the DASH Rapid Cold Brew Maker, you’re making a small but significant step towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

User Interface and Ease of Use

The user interface of the DASH Rapid Cold Brew Maker is designed with simplicity in mind, ensuring even first-time users can navigate the brewing process with ease. There’s no complicated setup required: just add your coffee or tea, select your preferred strength, and let the machine do the rest. The clear, easy-to-understand indicator lights and automatic shut-off function add to the convenience, making it a user-friendly choice for every kitchen.

Space-Saving Design

Given the compact dimensions of the DASH Rapid Cold Brew Maker, it easily fits into any kitchen setup without taking up too much space. Whether you have a large kitchen with plenty of countertop room or a small one where every inch counts, this cold brew maker finds its place without causing clutter. This thoughtful design ensures you can enjoy your cold brew without sacrificing valuable kitchen space.

Versatility of the DASH Rapid Cold Brew Maker

Beyond brewing cold coffee, the DASH Rapid Cold Brew Maker is also ideal for preparing your favorite loose-leaf teas. Whether you’re a fan of traditional black tea, aromatic green tea, or relaxing herbal blends, this cold brew maker has you covered. This versatility adds significant value to the product, as you can enjoy a variety of beverages using one single device.

Quality of the Brew

The DASH Rapid Cold Brew Maker does not compromise on the quality of your brew. Using VacuPress™ Technology, the machine ensures your coffee or tea is brewed to perfection, resulting in a smooth, flavorful, and refreshing drink every time. It’s an excellent choice for those who appreciate quality beverages at home.

Speed of the DASH Rapid Cold Brew Maker

One of the main attractions of the DASH Rapid Cold Brew Maker is its speed. Traditional cold brewing can take up to 12 hours, but with this machine, you can have your cold brew ready in under 9 minutes. This is an essential feature for those with busy lifestyles who still want to enjoy homemade, fresh cold brew.

Durability and Longevity

Built to last, the DASH Rapid Cold Brew Maker is a durable appliance that withstands regular use. The quality materials used in its construction ensure longevity, making it a reliable choice for daily brewing. When maintained correctly, this cold brew maker will serve you for years to come.

Gift-Worthy Appeal

The DASH Rapid Cold Brew Maker, with its sleek design and practicality, makes an excellent gift for coffee and tea lovers. Whether it’s for a birthday, holiday, housewarming, or just because, this cold brew maker is a thoughtful present that’s sure to be appreciated.

Excellent Customer Support

As part of their commitment to customer satisfaction, DASH provides excellent customer support. Whether you have questions about your product, need troubleshooting help, or require assistance with a warranty claim, their dedicated team is there to help. This commitment to service adds to the overall positive experience of owning a DASH product.

The Joy of Home Brewing

With the DASH Rapid Cold Brew Maker, you’re not just buying an appliance; you’re investing in an enjoyable home brewing experience. There’s something deeply satisfying about brewing your own coffee or tea at home, especially when it’s so quick and easy. It’s a ritual that can bring a moment of calm and mindfulness to your day. Plus, there’s nothing quite like the taste of a brew that you’ve made yourself.

FAQs about the DASH Rapid Cold Brew Maker

How quickly does the DASH Rapid Cold Brew Maker actually brew coffee?

The DASH Rapid Cold Brew Maker is incredibly quick when compared to traditional cold brew methods. The machine’s VacuPress technology enables it to produce a cold brew in less than 9 minutes. It’s important to note, however, that the exact brewing time will depend on the strength setting you choose: mild, regular, or bold.

What kind of coffee grounds should I use with this machine?

You can use any type of ground coffee with the DASH Rapid Cold Brew Maker. As for the coarseness of the grind, it’s generally recommended to use a medium to coarse grind for cold brew. However, some users have found that a finer grind gives a stronger brew. Try experimenting with different grind sizes to find what suits your taste best.

Can I use loose leaf tea in this machine?

Absolutely! The DASH Rapid Cold Brew Maker isn’t just for coffee. You can also use it to brew your favorite loose leaf teas. Just remember to clean the reusable filter between uses to avoid mixing flavors.

Does this machine come with a warranty?

Yes, the DASH Rapid Cold Brew Maker comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty. This covers defects in materials and workmanship when the product is used in normal domestic conditions and in accordance with the user manual.

How much cold brew does it make at once?

The DASH Rapid Cold Brew Maker comes with a 40-ounce (around 1.2 liters) glass carafe, so it can make a generous amount of cold brew at once. This is perfect if you’re hosting a gathering or simply want to prepare a batch to last a few days.

Can I adjust the strength of my cold brew with this machine?

Yes, one of the features that set the DASH Rapid Cold Brew Maker apart is its adjustable brew strength. You can choose from three settings: mild, regular, and bold. This allows you to customize your cold brew to your personal preference.

Is the glass carafe dishwasher safe?

Yes, the glass carafe included with the DASH Rapid Cold Brew Maker is dishwasher safe, making clean-up a breeze. However, the other parts of the machine should be cleaned by hand.

How does the VacuPress technology work?

The VacuPress technology used by the DASH Rapid Cold Brew Maker uses a combination of rapid cold brewing and gentle pressure to speed up the brewing process, while still ensuring a smooth and flavorful brew.

Can I use this machine to make hot coffee or tea?

No, the DASH Rapid Cold Brew Maker is designed specifically for making cold brew coffee and iced tea. The brewing process is optimized for these types of beverages and does not involve heating the water.

Where can I buy the DASH Rapid Cold Brew Maker?

The DASH Rapid Cold Brew Maker is widely available from various retailers, including Amazon. Always ensure you’re purchasing from a trusted seller to ensure the authenticity of the product and availability of the manufacturer’s warranty.

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the DASH Rapid Cold Brew Maker stands as an excellent addition to any coffee lover’s kitchen. The innovative use of VacuPress technology and the flexibility it offers in adjusting brew strength makes it stand out in the crowded marketplace. Its dual coffee and tea functionality coupled with its quick brewing time offers the opportunity to satisfy a wide range of beverage preferences within minutes. The ability to use any type of coffee grounds or loose leaf tea provides users with an unlimited number of options to explore different flavors.

Cleaning and maintenance are straightforward and not overly time-consuming. DASH’s reputation as a reliable kitchen appliance manufacturer and the provision of a one-year warranty offer peace of mind when it comes to product durability and after-sales service. The design is aesthetically pleasing and compact enough to fit into most kitchen spaces comfortably.

That said, some potential downsides include a higher price point than some competitors and the absence of a hot brew function. However, these are relatively minor points when considering the features and benefits offered by this device.

To get the most out of the DASH Rapid Cold Brew Maker, users should take time to experiment with different brew strengths, coffee grounds, and tea leaves, cleaning the machine properly after each use to maintain optimal performance.

Whether you’re a busy professional who needs a quick caffeine fix, a cold brew enthusiast looking for a more efficient brewing method, or a tea lover wanting to expand your brewing options, the DASH Rapid Cold Brew Maker is a worthy investment. Its combination of convenience, speed, and customizable features ensure it holds a strong place in the market for cold brew machines.